OmO was founded to answer a simple question; how can housework be made easier in the modern world? For decades, fiction has painted a picture of a future where smart devices take care of household tasks, freeing us to enjoy more hours of relaxation and leisure. And while technology has changed our lives for the better in countless ways, many households are doing their chores like it’s still the 20th century.

At OmO, we’ve made it our mission to make the dream of an automated future into today’s reality. OmO creates intelligent devices that help you live happier and healthier by lifting some of the burdens of your household chores. Our first invention, the OmO Smart Can, applies modern developments to an age-old task resulting in a trashcan that responds to your voice and changes bags all by itself.  Do your chores with OmO and let the little things take care of themselves!


The OmO Smart Can is a new and first of it’s kind self-sealing and touchless trash can.  A built-in motion sensor and compatible feature with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant gives you a hand-free approach to tidying up.  When it’s time to take out the trash, an internal thermal sealing mechanism seals trash in and opens the inner bin for a ready to throw bag.  A replacement bag automatically deploys once the bin closes back up and is ready for the next dispense.