What size is the OMO trash can? 

  • 49 x 36 x 69 cm / 19.29 x 14.37 x 27.04 in

What is the height with the trash can when the lid is open? 

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What is the capacity of the OMO trash can? 

  • 13 gallons or 49 liters 

Why is my lid not opening? 

  • Fix 1

What do the LEDs mean? 

  • Fix 

Why does the trash can’s lid close immediately after opening? 

  • Fix

Why doesn’t my trash can’s lid close all the way? 

  • ?

Why does the lid stay open and I have to force it close? 

  • Trash or other objects are obstructing the sensor. Please make sure you don’t overfill your trash can and trigger the sensor 

Why does the lid open by itself? Especially in the dark or sometimes the sensor does not respond? 

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How do I clean the stainless trash can? 

  • We recommend cleaning the stainless-steel trash can with a soft cloth, warm water and mild detergent. 
  • Do not use steel wool, stainless steel polisher, bleach, salts, or acids will damage the trash can. 

What kind of trash can I throw away? 

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Can I use generic trash bags with the OMO Trash Can? 

  • Unfortunately, you cannot use generic trash bags with the OMO Trash Can. You must use 

Where can I buy extra Ring Liners? 

Is there a way to lock the lid open for a period? 

  • Yes, when the lid is closed, press the button on the front of the trash can to keep the lid open.
  • Press the button again to close the lid. 

What materials are the Ring Liners made of? 

  • TBA

What are the dimensions of a Ring Liner? 

  • TBA

How do you replace a ring liner? 

How many bags are inside each ring liner? 

  • There are 15 bags in each ring liner. 

How do I seal my full trash bag? 

  • Press and hold the button on the trash can for 3 seconds. This will start the sealing process. 

How long does it take to seal a trash bag? 

  • A

How does the OMO trash can seal my full trash bag? 

  • A

Why did the trash can stop sealing my full trash bag? 

  • If your trash can is overpacked and is too full to seal, the trash can automatically stops the sealing process. 

Why do I smell something burning when I seal a trash bag? 

  • A

How do I communicate voice commands to the OMO trash can?

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How do I connect the OMO trash can to Google Assistant?

  • ?

How do I connect the OMO trash can to Amazon Alexa?

  • ?

What voice commands can I use with the OMO trash can? 

  • You can use your voice to open the lid, close the lid, seal a full trash bag, get reminded when to take out the trash and order more ring liners. 

Does the OMO trash can work with Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa?

  • Yes, the OMO trash can will work with either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. 

Does the OMO trash can have built in microphones?

  • No, the OMO trash does not have any built-in microphones.

What version of the iPhone or Android will I need for the OMO App? 

  • Apple devices must be iOS 9.3 or newer.
  • Android devices must be version 5.0 or newer. 

Does the OMO Trash can use Bluetooth? 

  • ?

Do I have to open the app in order to use voice commands?

  • No. Once voice commands have been established between Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, you do not have to open the app to use voice commands. 

Do I need a Wi-Fi connection to set up my OMO Trash Can?

  • No. A Wi-Fi connection is only required to set up voice commands and app set up. You can still use the OMO Trash can without a Wi-Fi connection.