Spill Resistant and Pet Friendly
Featuring a sleek and sturdy stainless-steel design, the OmO Smart Can is highly resistant to tipping, preventing any spilled garbage disasters. When not in use, the lid stays clamped down tight, keeping out both stinky smells and inquisitive pets.

Cleaner Can, Cleaner Hands
You keep your rooms pristine so your trashcan should be too! The Smart Can’s slim, stainless-steel body hinders bacterial growth on the outside letting you place it wherever its most convenient! With motion sensors and voice commands you can throw out your garbage without even touching the lid. Tossing away your garbage has never been this sanitary!

Self-Sealing Bags that Replace Themselves
Each Smart Can comes equipped with 15 of our special self-sealing, Strong Flex liners, so you won’t ever have to fuss with closing or changing bags. An internal hydraulic mechanism opens the inner bin and seals the bag for easier emptying. When you take out the filled bag, a new one is dispensed automatically from inside the can’s rim. 

Open Can on Command
The OmO Smart Can is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant letting it seamlessly fit in with the rest of your Smart Home Ecosystem. With the power of voice commands, you can remotely open the lid, seal the garbage bag, or order up some more replacement liners.