Smart Trashcan

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The OmO Smart Can is a self-sealing, touchless trashcan that lets you take a hands-off approach to tidying up. A built-in motion sensor and out of the box voice command compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa let you dispose of your trash without ever touching the can. When it’s time to take out the trash, an internal mechanism seals the bag and opens the inner bin for easier emptying, while dispensing a replacement from inside the lid. Designed for maximum sanitation and convenience and with a full capacity of up to 13 gallons of garbage, this sturdy, stainless-steel bin is ideal for use as your primary trashcan in the family room or the kitchen.

• Stainless Steel Wrap over the trash can
Trashcan Capacity • 13 gal / 49 liters

Power Source
• Wall Adaptor 110V

Trash Bag Requirements
• 15 bags per refill (lasts one month based on
average use of 1 bag every other day.)
• Strong Flex Material
• Trash bags hold at least 33lbs of trash